NEAN – Prehistoric Park – Abric Romaní in Capellades

Combined Ticket Abric Romaní

It includes a round ticket to Capellades by FGC, a round ticket by bus and the entry to the NEAN – Prehistoric Park of Capellades – Abric Romaní.

It treats of an area with a high geological and archaeologic value for the presence of a twentieth of archaeologic settings dated on several periods.
The visit to the Prehistoric Park of Capellades at present bases in the visit to the archaeologic setting of Abric Romaní:

-Introductory thematic exhibition
-Audiovisual on the prehistoric humans of the Abric Romaní and the scientific research
-Explanation and visualisation of the setting and of the archaeologic register
-Workshop of shot with arch

You can arrive there from any station of the Llobregat-Anoia Line.

From 7,85 €(Price 1 zone)
Capellades (Anoia)

Ronda Capelló s/núm. 08786 Capellades
All year
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