Montserrat conditions of use

To travel, you must purchase and validate a ticket before boarding the zip line or funiculars or accessing the designated areas. It must be kept until the departure of the destination station.

The passenger has the obligation to find out the characteristics of the ticket before purchasing it. You can do this in the display cases and in the vending machines.

The ticket is invalid if altered and/or tampered with. In addition, if applicable, it must be accompanied by an identification card.

On the Montserrat rack railway, the return ticket is valid for the specified journey and for one week from its validation.

All unused tickets are valid until there is a change of fare. FGC will not return or exchange them.

On Montserrat funiculars, tickets are valid for one day from the time they are issued.

Possession of a valid ticket guarantees the provision of transport, but not the occupation of a seat inside the rack railway or funiculars.

Seats reserved for specific groups must be respected and assigned, if applicable.

It is not possible to travel sitting on the platforms of the Montserrat rack railway and funiculars.

Children under the age of three can travel for free if they do not occupy a seat.

Due to the ban on cycling on the paths of the Montserrat Natural Park, access to the funicular with is not allowed
this vehicle.

You can travel with pets for free. To access the FGC premises, dogs must be tied with a leash and must carry a muzzle. Small animals must travel in baskets or cages. In no case may they occupy a seat. Children under the age of 16 may not carry dogs considered potentially dangerous by law.

Smoking on the rack railway, funiculars and closed areas of the stations.

Use of rack and funicular alarm devices without just cause.

Forcing or preventing the opening or closing of the doors of the Montserrat rack railway and funiculars.

Get on or off the Montserrat rack railway and funiculars past the stops.

Enter the cabs.

All conduct that poses a danger to the physical integrity of other users or harms the interests of the railroad.

In accordance with Railway Law 4/2006, of 31 March, non-compliance with these prohibitions constitutes an infringement which, if classified as minor, can be sanctioned with a fine of up to € 6,000, if it is considered serious. , up to € 30,000, and if very serious, up to € 300,000.

Riding a bicycle, skates or scooters on the corridors and platforms.

Bidding, posting posters, distributing advertising and street vending on the Montserrat rack railway and funiculars or on the premises.

The minimum charge for misuse of the service is:


Immediate payment of the minimum charge has a 50% discount

The traveler is considered to be misusing the service when:

  • The ticket has not been validated before traveling or accessing the delimited venues.
  • The ticket is not available or the passenger cannot show it when requested.
  • The ticket has expired.
  • This is a reduced ticket and the passenger cannot prove the right to obtain it.
  • This is a personalized ticket and is not owned by you.
  • The ticket is used outside the corresponding fare zone.
  • You are traveling with an invalid ticket.

In accordance with Law 7/2004, of 16 July, on fiscal and administrative measures, in relation to Law 4/2006, of 31 March, on railways, failure to pay the minimum fee may constitute an infraction that can be sanctioned. with a fine of up to € 6,000.

If the user does not make an immediate payment of the minimum charge, they must identify themselves to manage the collection; if he refuses, the assistance of security personnel or law enforcement officers will be sought.

Users have a full version of the Terms of Use and a Station Complaint Book.

Extract from the FGC Terms of Use published in DOGC no. 4671, of July 7, 2006.

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