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Hiking along the path of the Santa Cova

Let yourself be carried away by the mysteries of the Rosary

Just over an hour from Barcelona is Montserrat, which, thanks to its spectacular and surprising mountain range with its rounded peaks called "needles", is one of the Catalan symbols.

Visiting the most representative mountain in Catalonia becomes one of the best options for spending a day with the family, as it offers shelter, spirituality, tradition, culture and nature. In fact, one of the most attractive activities that brings together more visitors is hiking and itineraries that can be done around the sanctuary.

Do you want to discover some of its routes? Stay tuned, we'll show you the path to the Santa Cova below.

The Santa Cova route is characterized by its incredible panoramic views. In addition, its winding path is surrounded by modernist outdoor sculptures that symbolize the mysteries of the Rosary. The route ends at the Santa Cova, the troglodyte chapel attached to the rock where, according to legend, some shepherds found the image of the Virgin.

This is an ideal itinerary for all audiences, as it presents little difficulty. However, in the last section there is a steep climb that can be avoided by taking the Santa Cova Funicular. Don't miss this experience and buy your ticket!

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Start at the foot of the Santa Cova Funicular

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