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Rubí: More than a thousand years of history

The city of Rubí presents a rich material and immaterial heritage that will leave you in awe. The modernist houses in the city were built by Rubín residents who had made their fortunes in the Americas, or by industrialists and the nouveau riche from Barcelona as a second residence in a Rubí that was still a rural town, surrounded by nature, bucolic, and surrounded by the arrival of the railway

With the flooding and overflowing of the rivers in 1962, Rubí lost lives, houses, factories and orchards, and the reconstruction of the city erased some quiet corners, vineyards, and spaces of calm that have never returned. The Castell Municipal Museum, pays tribute to its millennial history with a broad perspective and a serene view of the city.

In addition, an obligatory visit is the Romanesque church of Sant Pere, it is one of the great examples of medieval art in Rubí, even though the different construction stages it went through between the 11th and 19th centuries are reflected in it.

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