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The massif of Montserrat is a synonym for nature in its purest state. Thanks to its stunning landscape and rich cultural heritage, it is one of Catalonia’s leading tourist attractions. Traditionally, Montserrat is known as Catalonia’s most important and symbolic mountain, boasting a series of unique characteristics that have made it into an icon.

Parc Natural - Geopark

Montserrat stands out for its unique morphology. The mountain’s status as a Natural Park and its traditions stretching back over many centuries have made it an incomparable point of reference for millions of people all over the world.

The massif of Montserrat is unique and unmistakeable. Its rounded peaks, known as “needles”, are the most iconic and spectacular of the mountain’s characteristics. Montserrat’s tallest peak is Sant Jeroni (1,236 metres), from where you can enjoy magnificent sweeping vistas from the Pyrenees all the way to the sea, and even - on clear days - to the island of Mallorca.

In terms of wildlife, today you can find typically Mediterranean species coexisting, in certain areas, with species more commonly found in Central Europe. With regard to plant life, Montserrat is home to many species of tree, particularly holly oak, as well as other oaks and deciduous species such as yew.

The Geopark Visitor Centre is located at the scenic overlook of Mirador de Sant Joan, alongside the upper station of the funicular of the same name. Here, you can find out about Montserrat’s geological characteristics, as well as the mountain’s climate and diverse native flora and fauna.

For more information visit Turisme de Bages

Points of interest

Capella del Santuari de Montserrat / Capilla del Santuario de Montserrat

Montserrat Sanctuary

This magnificent mountain and its Sanctuary are steeped in centuries of history, legend and culture.

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El Castell de Castellar (Aguilar de Segarra) / El Castillo de Castellar (Aguilar de Segarra)

Castell de Castellar (Aguilar de Segarra)

Take a guided tour and discover this Gothic castle.

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Geoparc BTT rutes SR (Cardona) / Geoparque BTT rutas SR (Cardona)

MTB SR routes (2-4 days) in the Geopark (Cardona)

A route that takes you through the Central Catalonia UNESCO Global Geopark.

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Ruta el Timbaler del Bruc (Santpedor) / Ruta del Tamborilero del Bruc (Santpedor)

Ruta el Timbaler del Bruc (Santpedor)

Un repàs a la vida de l'Timbaler del Bruc.

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El bateig de el cel (Sant Mateu de Bages) / El bautizo del cielo (Sant Mateu del Bages)

El bateig de el cel (Sant Mateu de Bages)

Vine a l'Observatori Astronòmic Castelltallat a descobrir els misteris de l'Univers.

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Mura, one of the most charming towns

Coneix un dels pobles més petits de Bages (Mura)

Visita una de les poblacions amb més encant de Catalunya i viatja en el temps fins a l'Edat Mitjana.

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