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Vallès Occidental

Vallès Occidental is nature and history. A territory that combines a rich cultural heritage, made up of vestiges of historical periods ranging from the Neolithic to industrialization, with natural spaces that allow you to find a corner of tranquility outside of city life.

Vallès Occidental is a Catalan region, bordering Bages and Moianès, Vallès Oriental, Baix Llobregat and Barcelonès. The capitals of the region are Terrassa and Sabadell. In fact, it is the only region in all of Catalonia that has 2 capitals.

The rich heritage of the region shows the Romanesque footprint on the territory. Terrassa is home to the churches of Sant Pere, one of the most remarkable examples of the Catalan medieval period.

Other attractions of Vallès Occidental can be found in Sabadell, where we can see the industrial past embodied in the many chimneys that decorate the center. Part of the city's rich heritage are the Vapor Buxeda Vell, a former textile steamer from the 19th century and today home to the Museum of the Woolen Textile Industry, and Casa Duran, a Renaissance building declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

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