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Gelida Funicular

This funicular railway has been in operation for almost 100 years, and is now a tourist attraction that connects the town centre and industrial area to the train station....

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Núria Rack Railway

The only mode of transport providing access to Vall de Núria mountain resort. With a history spanning 90 years and a length of 12.5 kilometres, the rack railway takes...

Open post El tren dels llacs en un pont
Tren dels Llacs

This unique train allows passengers to journey through mountains and dense forests without having to set foot outside the carriage. There are two ways to enjoy this magnificent route:...

Open post El tren del Ciment en ruta
Tren del Ciment

Located in the county of Berguedà, this century-old railway offers a 20-minute journey along 3.5 kilometres of track, through forests and stunning landscapes that enable passengers to admire the...

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