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Environment at Montserrat Mountain and respects the environment.

Environmental policy

Choosing the rack railway and the funiculars to travel up Montserrat mountain means choosing a fast, safe, fun and comfortable way of travelling, as well as a way that environmentally friendly.

The rack railway itself is a very important improvement for the environment and nature, because it reduces noise and mainly it reduces emissions of gases that contribute to global warming. The rack railway, without a doubt, is more ecological than cars. So much we can safely say that the rack railway and the funiculars’ CO2 emissions are practically non-existent*.

Thanks to the improvement of the funicular facilities, they have been totally integrated into the natural park, providing opportunities to get to the different parts of the mountain with a religious tradition or a very attractive landscape.


Our environment management system

Our commitment to the environment is established in out environment policy. Montserrat rack railway and funiculars have voluntarily adopted an environment management system based on the international standard ISO 14001.

This system enables us to integrate our management processes into all the aspects that could affect the environment. Our system is audited periodically so we can prove, transparently and objectively, to all the interested parties, that we fullfil our environment commitments and principles.

The main aims of this system are prevention, observance of the current legislation and constant improvement of the system.

In order to achieve this commitment we rely on every one of the workers in our organisation and the cooperation of our visitors.

*Industrial processes are not contemplated.


Environment certification

This environment management system was initially certified in 2003, to be renewed every three years (the last certification was in 2009). This certification encouraged us to carry on working to protect the environment.

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