Your safety

For FGC, your safety is our peace of mind. As an FGC user you are using one of the safest means of transport that exist today. You can also contribute to making the train an even safer place by following the recommendations below:

Walk, don't run This is surely the most important piece of advice. When you move, move safely and quickly, but don't run. Most incidents are slip and falls. So slow down! Try to arrive a few minutes before the train leaves.

Watch when it has rained or frozen. We all know that it is cold in Ponent region. Therefore, pay special attention on cold days, with intense fog or rain. Some areas of the platforms can slip, especially those where there is paint. When you arrive at the station, locate the intercoms.

All stations have intercom alarm communication systems. In case of emergency, contact FGC staff or through the nearest SOS intercom. You can also call 112. On the platform, stay away from the road. Always stay outside the white line.

If you drop something, don't try to catch it, let us know and we'll give you a hand.

When you get on the train, the specialized agent will be your best travel companion.

Whether in an emergency or for anything else, ask for help. If you cannot locate it and it is serious, call 112.

Sit down, you'll be more comfortable. Sitting down protects you and at the same time allows other passengers to access the concourses and move around the train. If you are standing, try to lean on a backrest or one of the supports.

When you get on or off a train, pay special attention to the small hole between the train and the platform.

The kids, better hand in hand. Above all, just before getting on or off the train and, especially, when the train arrives at the station. Always walk the little one in front of you so as not to lose sight of him and, if you lose sight of him, do not be scared, notify the driver or the specialized agent.

If they go by stroller, take it apart if you have to take escalators. When you are on the platform, move away from the track and use the brakes.

Keep calm and notify the driver through the intercom or the customer service agent directly if he is in the area. In case he requests it, give him a hand.

In the event of an evacuation, as always, follow the instructions of the staff and the signs and, above all, never go back to look for personal belongings.

If you see something strange, let us know!

If you see an object that does not look good to you or you feel insecure, remember that you have the customer service agent and intercoms available for communication with FGC staff and, if you think it is necessary, call 112.

Always follow the instructions

Always follow the instructions of the FGC staff. Pay attention to the public address messages and the screens, and remember that in the event of an evacuation you must always follow the evacuation signs.

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