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  • Trens Montserrat
    Entrada al Santuari de Montserrat /
    The Museum

    Montserrat Museum, designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1929, has six permanent collections with more than 1,300 pieces from a wide chronological period, as well as temporary exhibitions....

  • Trens Montserrat
    Una sala amb pantalles il·luminades i instruments musicals al sostre /
    Interactive exhibition

    The tour takes visitors inside the monastery, where they can learn about the monks' everyday life, and then the activities that the monks carry out outside, promoting culture and...

  • Trens Montserrat
    Imatge del Parc Natural de Montserrat /

    Montserrat is a very attractive mountain for climbing enthusiasts since they can find plenty of avenues open to different levels of difficulty where they can practice this exciting sport....

  • Alt Berguedà
    The power of nature

    Water is a synonym of life and prosperity, especially in Castellar de n’Hug (Berguedà), where you can admire the spectacular Llobregat River, one of Catalonia’s most important waterways....

  • Gelida i Alt Penedés
    El Funicular de Gelida
    All aboard for history!

    Visit the Gelida Funicular Visitor Centre. At the Visitor Centre, you can explore the history and evolution of the Gelida Funicular since its opening in 1924....

  • Trens Montserrat
    Vista del comedor del hotel con techo abovedado
    Tot Montserrat

    Make your way to Montserrat Mountain Natural Park via the Rack Railway and Sant Joan and Santa Cova Funiculars. Thanks to these sustainable modes of transport, located less than...

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