Vall de Núria is hosting a new edition of the Olla de Núria mountain race this weekend

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On Sunday, June 12, the Núria Rack Railway will not serve the public. There will only be exclusive circulations for participants and companions of the Olla de Núria race.

The sporting event is now in its 15th edition and the Olla Clàssica can be watched live on TV3

As a novelty, this year the first edition of the Olla de Núria Nocturna will be held, a modality that will test athletes with a 12 km route from the Sanctuary to the peak of Finestrelles and down the Coll d’Eina. On Saturday 11th there will be the Olla Vertical, with a positive vertical drop of almost 1,000 m, and on Sunday it will be the turn of the Olla Clàssica, which runs above 2,700 m for 21.5 km.

Vall de Núria, once again, will be the scene of the Olla de Núria mountain races, a high-level competition that is in its 15th edition and will be held this weekend. This sporting event is organized by the Union Excursionista de Vic i Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC). Once again, thanks to the collaboration with the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation, the 15th edition of the Olla Clàssica will be broadcast live on TV3, on Sunday 12 June from 8.45 am. A total of 1,030 people will take part in this edition between the different races of the Olla de Núria, such as: Olla Nocturna, Olla Vertical, Olla Clàssica, Reolla, Olla Junior and Olleta.

The legendary Ripollès race is starting to warm up today with the first edition of Olla de Núria Nocturna, a race that opens this season and is held at night, under the moonlight. With a distance of 12 kilometers, the competition will start at the Sanctuary of Núria (1,960 m) to go up to the Coll de Finestrelles and down the Coll d’Eina until returning to the Sanctuary. This is a route similar to the Olla Clàssica, with a partial section of this race, where the height and the technique in low light conditions will have a key factor.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 11, will be the turn of the sixth edition of the Olla Vertical, with departure to the Sanctuary of Núria and arrival at the emblematic peak of Puigmal (2,910 m), the highest point in the valley. The event will have a distance of 3.78 kilometers and 986 m of positive gradient.

The next day, Sunday 12 June, the XV Olla Clàssica, the star of the Olla de Núria races, will be held, with a distance of 21.5 kilometers and a cumulative drop of 3,880 m. This race stands out because more than 70% of the distance is above 2,700 m altitude and without stepping on a single meter of asphalt.

During the weekend there will also be the IV ReOlla, a test that arose from the combination of the race on Saturday and Sunday for those looking for more demanding and intensity and, therefore, consists of 25.30 kilometers and 3,000 m of positive gradient. To complement the weekend, families and children will also have the opportunity to participate in the Olla de Núria on Sunday, through the Olla Junior where you go up to the Puigmal and down the Coll de Finestrelles and l'Olleta , with different layouts depending on the age of the children around the Sanctuary. These two races are reduced and adapted versions without losing the essence of trail running promoting this sport for all audiences.

Finally, L’Olla also takes part in the GR5 Pirenaic Trail, from the Catalan Pyrenees to the Basque Country, passing through Aragon, Navarra and Andorra. A five-race circuit: Olla de Núria, Canfranc Canfranc, Camille Extrem, T3 Maratoia and Ultra Comapedrosa.

Every year, l'Olla de Núria makes sure to cause the minimum impact on the natural spaces through which it passes through sustainable policies, such as the limitation of registrants to avoid the overcrowding and degradation of the environment or the control of possible waste and damage to the ground by the participant who would be disqualified, in addition, in this edition, the T-shirt and the runner's bag are made of recycled fabric.

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