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Throughout the month of May, people wishing to go up to the Vall de Núria with the Cremallera on weekdays will be able to buy the ticket at a reduced price

This promotion applies to all types of users and therefore the cost will be in the case of adults € 15.00 and children € 10.00,  on tickets round trip

With the aim of promoting the Vall de Núria during the spring, one of the times when this unique valley is most beautiful, throughout the month of May a promotion is launched where tickets for the Núria Rack Railway can be purchased at the half of its usual price. The reduced price offer will be valid from Monday to Thursday.

This promotion will be reflected in all types of users. In this sense, the prices of round trip tickets in the case of adults (from +14 years old) will be € 15.00 and children (from 4 to 13 years old) € 10.00For minors, access to the rack railway is free.

During the month of May and throughout the summer season 2022, the ticket for the Cremallera will also include the ticket for the Coma del Clot Cable Car, which climbs to the Alberg del Pic de l’Àliga, located 2,170 meters from height. Users will also be able to access a viewpoint with spectacular views of the valley and the surrounding peaks.

Users will be able to access the Basilica, the spiritual refuge of the valley throughout the month of May, and visit the exhibitions “Ninety years of history. The Cremallera de Núria”, ‘Memories of Snow’, and the Audiovisual “The valley of the 5 elements”.

As the snow melts, the Vall de Núria station, which is operational 365 days a year, will be offering the usual summer activities and events, as well as accommodation and catering services. visiting people.

Discounted Cremallera de Núria tickets can be purchased at the online shop.



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