Visit to the Portet liquor factory

Have a liquor tasting at the Protet liquor factory

Get ready to pay a visit to a century-old factory, where you can also taste liqueurs.

To learn more about the factory, different experience options are presented:

  • Guided tours: Guided tours of the factory so you don't miss any details, followed by a liqueur tasting
  • Commemorative bottles or miniatures: To give away at meetings and events
  • Making custom liqueurs: Want to create your own liqueur? The Portet liqueur factory will make it a reality
  • Prepared to make other food products: These types of liqueurs are specially created by food or restaurant companies to give an interesting touch to food
  • Ratafia making workshops: For those interested in making artisanal ratafia you can organize a workshop to share your knowledge
  • Talks on traditional liqueurs: Learn more about the traditional liqueurs of the Pyrenees in informative talks on the history of liqueurs.

LOCATION: Av. Sant Miquel del Pui, 4, 25500 La Pobla de Segur, Lleida

Complement any of these experiences with the Tren dels Llacs and travel around La Pobla de Segur from a very different angle.


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