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Visit to the Gerri de la Sal Museum

Do you want to know how salt is made?

Gerri de la Sal, in the Pallars Sobirà, is a small and charming medieval village known for its salt exploitation which, until recently, was its main economic engine. And that's exactly where the name comes from.

On this trip to Gerri de la Sal, we suggest you get a closer look at how salt is made in one of the few inland salt pans in Catalonia. Want to know how to make salt in a place far from the sea? The answers to these questions, and many more, await you at the Gerri de la Sal Museum!

During your visit you will discover, through audiovisuals, the work that was done in the warehouse and in the salt mine, how the salt was worked in Gerri, where the salt was kept during production and why it had to be abandoned. practice.

In the past, this building was used to store salt, where they also installed the mills with which they ground salt for sale. The site also housed a school and a small theater.

And, to make the most of the experience, board the Tren dels Llacs, a tourist train that offers a historical and panoramic tour of the Lleida Pre-Pyrenees. Get your ticket here.

Images from the Agència Catalana de Turisme.

museu gerri sal
museu gerri sal


The Gerri de la Sal Museum is located in the old salt warehouse. Plaça Àngel Esteve, s / n · 25590 Gerri de la Sal, Lleida.

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