The Gelida Funicular

Almost 100 years have passed since the Funicular first entered into service, and despite the various renovations to the track and carriages, it still retains a number of features that are very similar to those of the original rolling stock. At present, the Funicular boasts two restored period carriages, which have individual compartments distributed across five different levels and can accommodate up to 28 passengers. The carriages take 6-8 minutes to complete the 884-metre route. The Funicular operates at weekends between 10 a.m and 4:30 p.m., with services every 30 minutes. During the week, the route is served by buses.

The arrival of Gelida Funicular made a tremendous improvement to the lives of the local residents, as many of its passengers worked in the town’s paper mills and lived in the neighbourhood of Sant Salvador. The decision to build a funicular was made on account of the area’s geography, and the line used equipment from the first funicular in Tibidabo. A key part of the Gelida Funicular experience is the station buildings, whose unique features have given them the status of Sites of Local Cultural Interest.

To coincide with the renovation of Gelida Funicular in 2019, a series of improvements were made to increase sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment. These included noise reduction and improved comfort during operation thanks to the installation of new suspension subframes.

Additionally, the fluorescent lighting systems were replaced with LEDs, in order to minimise consumption and increase their operational lifespan.

Multimedia gallery

  • Vista des de l'exterior dos funiculars de Gelida mentre s'entrecreuen
  • Funicular de Gelida en plena ascensió - Funicular de gelida en plena ascensión
  • Passatgers a l'interior del funicular de Gelida -
  • Vista exterior de dos funiculars de Gelida mentre s'entrecreuen -
  • Vista lateral de dos funiculars de Gelida quan s'entrecreuen -
  • Vista exterior de dos funiculars de Gelida a prop d'un canvi de pistes
  • Conductora del funicular de Gelida en un túnel
  • Centre d´interpretació del Funicular de Gelida - Centro de interpretación del Funicular de Gelida
  • El funicular de Gelida arriba a un pas estret -

Gelida and Alt Penedés

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